Why do SME’s need an internet-based Telephone System? 

Why do SME’s need an internet-based (cloud) Telephone System with the upcoming “big BT switch-off” (you can find a blogpost about this here The end of BT Copper Broadband Services – Digital Exchange (thedigitalgroup.co.uk))?  This article gives some strong arguments as to why.  It covers many different areas such as cost-saving & time-saving amongst other things.  These reasons will help you to understand the benefits as well as help you to convince the decision maker that now is the right time to upgrade!   


Old school telephone systems are notoriously difficult to upgrade and improve.  To change them, you have to install new physical hardware and this can be costly and massively impact your cashflow!  Internet based telephone systems such as 3CX allow almost unlimited scalability and changes can be made almost instantaneously.  Need more concurrent calls – just change your licensing.  Need more staff, add extensions quickly and easily at the touch of a button. 

If your business is, or is intending to, grow, then a Cloud telephone system is a must.  As your company enters new geographical areas and new industries, new bases will need to be established.  A cloud telephone system makes this simple and easy – removing at least one of the headaches from setting up new offices. 

Remote Work 

Remote work is now a major part of the way of life in most businesses.  The pandemic made it so and many businesses have stuck with this new dawn.  Allowing people to operate from home frequently if not entirely.  A cloud-based telephone system makes this really easy.  The home-workers simply need a handset or a computer and they can be connected to the cloud-based telephone system in minutes.  This allows staff to be productive, even when working from home.  Internal colleagues can simply dial their extension number and reach the person they need, wherever they are in the world (provided they have an internet connection)! 


Old school telephone systems were very much liable to breakdown.  And when they did, they were hard to unbreak!  Needing to establish new hardware, the system would need to be entirely re-programmed, creating down time and headaches along the way.  With a cloud-based telephone system, this is almost entirely taken away.  The systems are backed up in such a way that they can be restored in minutes to another datacentre.  However, this is only a minor part of the benefit. In practice, they almost never break down and so it’s not that likely that you’ll need to recover from backup in the first place! 

Cost effective 

Call costs are usually much reduced with Cloud Telephone Systems, but this is only part of the story.  Because there is less hardware to maintain, the running costs over lifetime (total cost of ownership) are massively reduced.  The ‘standing charges’ or ‘line rental’ as the old systems referred to them, are much reduced in today’s Cloud Telephone Systems too, usually relying on SIP Trunks which are a much cheaper regular cost. 

Intelligent Call Routing 

Most Cloud Telephone Systems have intelligent call routing these days.  That means that your customers (who generate your income!) can be prioritised and you can make call routes that ensure that every call gets answered by an appropriate person.  In particular the sales calls are important to you – make sure that you never miss those opportunities again because someone is in a meeting.  The calls can be diverted to someone working on the go, or a different department, however you choose! 

Software Integrations 

Software that you use elsewhere in the business can usually be connected to your Cloud Telephone System.  This enables you to display the caller’s name when they call in from a known number – meaning you can give the caller a personalised service.  This also allows you to produce reports about how much time you’re spending with your customers and how many times they’ve called you for example, meaning you can display their Return on Investment when talking to them about your service. 


In conclusion, 2025 is going to be a big year for the Telecoms industry.  Most small businesses (and big ones!) need to have eliminated their reliance on older solutions by 2025 as they will be removed from the market.  Don’t get caught out by leaving it to the last minute.  This change IS COMING, you might as well embrace it sooner rather than later.   

Get in touch with Digital Exchange to discuss how we can help you to get rid of this headache by helping you transition seamlessly to a Cloud Based Telephone System Now!  Feel free to drop us a line via the contact page here or call us on 01142203000.  Digital Exchange have been installing and configuring telephone systems for businesses in Sheffield and across the UK for over 20 years.  Talk to our experts about how we might be able to help you.