What is 3CX Version 20?

3CX was founded in 2005, it is a software-based private branch exchange (PBX) system that offers unified communications solutions for businesses. 3CX was primarily developed to be installed on a windows machine on the customers premises. Over the last 19 years 3CX has been developed and added to using the original architecture which has caused various limitations. 3CX have now released their latest version of software. Version 20 has been totally redeveloped from the ground up, introducing several enhancements giving quicker performance, more flexible more agile. For example, as an administrator on 3CX you can immediately listen into call for training purposes, there is no delay. Due to the speed enhancements, it will also allow 3CX to handle larger installations

In version 20 groups are renamed as departments giving more flexibility, such as department office hours, holidays, individual time zones and language settings. This is extremely useful for companies who have offices based in different locations, allowing each office to have their own time schedules for work hours, breaks and holidays.

Version 20 has introduced new features to enhance collaboration among teams, such as improved video conferencing capabilities, screen sharing, and integration with popular collaboration platforms.


Additional 3CX improvements in version 20

  1. Increased Security Measures: Security is always a concern in communication systems. Version 20 has introduced enhanced security measures to protect against potential threats and vulnerabilities, such as improved encryption protocols and advanced authentication methods.
  2. Simplified Management: 3CX typically focuses on making its platform user-friendly and easy to manage. Version 20 has introduced a new management interface with improvements, making it more intuitive and efficient for administrators to configure and maintain their system.
  3. Integration Enhancements: Integration with other business applications and services is crucial for seamless workflow management. Version 20 has also introduced enhancements to integration capabilities, allowing for better connectivity with CRM systems, helpdesk software, and other tools commonly used in businesses.
  4. Performance Optimization: Each new version of 3CX typically comes with performance enhancements to improve call quality, system responsiveness, and overall reliability. Version 20 optimizations to ensure smoother operation, especially in high-demand environments.
  5. Expanded Compatibility: As technology evolves, so do the devices and platforms used by businesses. Version 20 may have expanded its compatibility with various devices, operating systems, and communication endpoints to provide a more versatile solution for businesses with diverse technology environments.

All-New Native Windows Softphone

One of the biggest additions in V20 is a brand new native 3CX Windows softphone. This app is similar to the iOS or Android apps – runs in conjunction with the Web Client, overcoming a number of limitations of progressive web app in terms of window notification control. Rather than a simple call notification, it comes with a proper answer dialog. As a native softphone it also allows for audio control to be independent from the browser.

3CX 20

One of the more annoying issues when using VoIP are intermittent faults that can be caused by networking issues when making/receiving voice calls through the internet. 3CX has now introduced VoIP monitoring.  The event logs in the new Admin Console provide much more information than before. At a quick glance you can see what’s going on and how you can fix things yourself. Added is the new VoIP quality monitor which enables you to quickly locate networking issues that cause audio quality issue


3CX is always looking to the future. Continue to watch this space!


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