What are the features of 3CX?

The features and functions of 3cx & business telephone systems.. 3cx has hundreds of features and functions that will be of interest to all businesses.  Some of those functions are set out below along with what the terminology means, in layman’s terms.

What is an Auto-attendant?

An Auto-attendant (or automated attendant) is a feature of 3cx and other telephone systems.  It is a technological receptionist that routes calls to the correct department, without the need for a human.  The caller is routed to the correct department based on their answers to a series of questions or requirements delivered by the telephone system itself.  For example, press 1 for technical support or 2 for sales.

An auto-attendant is usually configured with a welcome message (for example, welcome to Digital Exchange) and then a series of options for the caller to select from.  Failovers can also be incorporated – for example if the caller doesn’t press a button, route them to the human receptionist or a particular department.

Auto attendants can also be configured to deal with particular calls in a specific way.  For example, if a particular number calls, route them directly to voicemail, or directly to the business owner.

What is Intelligent Call Routing?

Intelligent call routing builds on the features of an Auto-attendant and tries to improve the customer experience at the same time.  For example, you may want callers to use their voice to tell you what they need from your business.  Some systems can even learn where to route a specific call, for example if a caller always selected the same department when they rang, it could route them there automatically or ask them if that’s what they want and allow them to just say yes.

What is Call Recording?

Call recording allows your business telephone system to store the audio of each call (or calls for a specific set of users) onto the system to allow you to use it later.  Companies record calls to allow them to improve their service, capture abusive customers and also for compliance reasons (for example financial institutions).  Some systems allow the call recordings to be transcribed and stored into a human readable format in a text file that can be searched easily.

What is Call logging and reporting?

Call logging is the process of collecting, analysing an recording data on telephone calls.   Usually, the data will include where the call came from (ie phone number), where it went to (ie staff member), the length of the call (ie the time) and other technical information.  It may also include things like the time when the call started and when it ended.  This information is usually stored into a “Call Detail Record” or CDR.  The call logging process is automatic and call records are stored for review by a human later down the line.

3CX Competitive Wallboard

3CX Competitive Wallboard

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a way of electronically storing voice messages left by a caller in a way that allows a call recipient to collect the voice message at a later time or date.  It is usually used by call recipients to answer calls when they are away from their desk (or handset), meaning that they don’t miss calls, even if they are unavailable at the time the call is made.  It’s convenient for both the caller and the call recipient.  Many systems allow voicemails to be sent to the call recipient via email to allow the recipient to listen to the call on the move.

What is 3cx Mobile?

3cx Mobile is a mobile phone application that works on Apple and Android devices.  It allows you to login to your business telephone system on an App to let you make and receive calls whilst on the move (provided you have mobile data or wifi available in your location).  The mobile application is in essence a replacement for a traditional desk-phone.

Which handsets are compatible with 3cx? The features and functions of 3cx & business telephone systems.

3cx has thousands of compatible handsets (and of course it works via a mobile or laptop application as well.  3cx provide a full list of compatible handsets (along with any limitations) on their website here https://www.3cx.com/sip-phones/.

What is Conference calling?

A typical telephone call is only between 2 people.  A business conference call is a telephone call that involves more than 2 people and to all be able to communicate to all of the parties in the group.  It’s usually delivered by a virtual “conference room” and the callers are given a specific number to call in order to ‘drop in’ to the call.  Conference calls can include hundreds of participants in some cases.

What is Video conferencing?

Video conferencing extends on conference calling with the ability to see the people that are taking part, provided they have the relevant equipment to allow them to participate (a webcam or other video peripheral will certainly be required, as will a microphone and speakers of some kind).

What is SMS sending and receiving?

Some telephone systems (including 3cx) allow your business to send and receive SMS and even MMS messages directly from the platform, avoiding the need for staff to give out personal mobile phone numbers.  You can also direct the messages received to queues just like you would a call, to make sure that staff can easily cover for each other if someone is away.

What is Call barring?

Call barring allows you as a business, to block calls received from specific telephone numbers.  For example, you might have nuisance callers trying to sell you things, that you just don’t want to receive calls from.  You can also bar outbound calls to make sure that your staff can’t call someone you don’t want them to.

What are Call queues and hunt groups?

Call queues and hunt groups are both methods of distributing inbound telephone calls to an appropriate person, usually within a particular team.

A hunt group is configured in a way that ‘hunts’ out a call handler to take the call.  It can be configured to ring all call handlers at once or to ring the next person in line.  After hunting, if no handler has been found, it can be diverted to a voicemail box.

A call queue is a more sophisticated hunt group that uses automatic call distribution rules to route calls to the appropriate people and to handle the experience of the caller (usually a customer).  Call queues help reduce missed calls and voicemails.  As the name suggests, a call queue can allow customers to wait in line to get through to a call handler, which allows a much larger call volume with lower staff numbers.

What is Music-on-hold?

Music on hold allows a business to play audio to callers when a call is put on hold by a call handler.  It also allows you to play pre-recorded audio in other areas of your system, for example whilst a caller is in a queue.  Some businesses will play actual music, whilst other businesses will configure the system to play marketing messages whilst customers are on hold.  The marketing messages are a great way to increase sales.

What is a Wallboard?

A wallboard is an electronic display within an office or call centre, that displays various statistics to allow competition between teams and also to allow managers to track how things are going on any given day.  They would usually show a summary of the number of calls taken by a particular department or call handler as well as any calls that have been missed.  They can be configured in all manner of different ways and are only really bound by what is stored in Call logs by your telephone system.

What is call barging?

Call barging is a telephone system feature that allows a supervisor to join an existing phone call to assist another member of staff, either by clearing up information, or to intervene if the wrong information is being given.

Other features The features and functions of 3cx & business telephone systems.

There are many other features included in business telephone systems such as 3cx.  If you want to find out more about a feature that isn’t listed here, drop us a message via our Contact page or give us a call on 01142203000