Why is my business broadband cost increasing? 

As most people are aware, businesses across the country are increasing their prices due to the current economic climate.  Businesses in the connectivity industry (Telephone lines & Internet Connections) are no different.  The larger providers, such as BT & Virgin Media are now rolling out their price increases and the reason they are giving is that their own costs are increasing.  See here for more information regarding BT in particular https://www.bt.com/tell-me-more .  Their costs for gas, electricity and staffing (amongst other things) are going up, just like the rest of us!  ESP & DE provide Internet Connections and Telephone lines to our customers and we’ve therefore stated below, the increases we have been informed about from the industry as a whole.  We always try to stay transparent where possible and we feel the best way we can do this is to communicate to our customers (and website visitors) what those increases look like.  The majority of these increases will take effect from the 1st April 2023 and be reflected in your bill from us. 

Which broadband and connectivity services are increasing?    

The products and services that we have been told about so far are listed below.  Have a look through these products and feel free to get in touch with us if you have further questions about how it might impact your business.  

  • Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) – standard telephone lines 

Which products are NOT currently increasing? 

As far as we have been informed as of 1st March 2023, there will be no increase to the following products; 

  • Broadband (FTTP) – see here What is FTTP? 
  • HVS – Hosted Voice 

OK, so how much are they increasing by?  

WLR | Price increases for existing services from April 2023 (inc ISDN) 

Supplier  Price Change  Additional info 
BT Openreach  Approx 20%  Associated features such as calling, network features and care levels will increase accordingly. 


Wholesale Mobile 

Supplier  Price Change 
O2  13.4% 
Vodafone  14.4% 



Supplier  Product  Price Change 
BT Wholesale  ADSL  15% 
BT Wholesale  FTTC  15% 
BT Wholesale  GFAST  15% 
BT Wholesale  SoGEA  15% 
BT Wholesale  FTTP  No Increase 
BT Wholesale  Care packages  £1 – £2 
TalkTalk  ADSL  15% 
TalkTalk  FTTC  15% 
Vodafone  SoGEA  £1-£2 
Vodafone  FTTP  No Increase 
TalkTalk/NEOS  Leased Line – 100Mb  15% 
TalkTalk/NEOS  Leased Line – 1Gb  4% 
TalkTalk/NEOS  EoFTTC  15% 
TalkTalk/NEOS  EFM  15% 
Virgin Media Bus  Leased Line – 100Mb  20% 
Virgin Media Bus  Leased Line – 200Mb+  No Increase 
Broadband Failover  All failover products  No Increase 



In conclusion, all of the major providers of business broadband are now increasing their pricing.  There’s unfortunately nothing we can do other than pass these costs onto our customers.  If you want to review your connectivity to see what options are available to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the Contact page.