What is changing with PlusNet Business Broadband?

Earlier this year, PlusNet, one of the most well-known broadband companies in the UK, decided to “simplify” it’s business.  PlusNet will no longer be selling Business Broadband of any kind.   

PlusNet was founded back in 1997 in our home-town of Sheffield and floated on the Alternative Investment Market back in 2004.  In 2007, the business was acquired by BT Group, but has continued to operate as a separate business since it was acquired.   

Who are PlusNet? 

PlusNet originally launched back in 1997 in Sheffield and provides broadband connections and other connectivity related services across the UK.  It provided residential and business lines for many years and always seemed to sell itself based on “Trusted Yorkshireman” type values.  Often putting itself forward as a local provider for the masses.  When it was acquired by BT Group back in 2007, speculation was rife about how the business might move forwards, but it has continued to operate as a separate business for all that time.  These days it is usually described as a “budget provider” of connectivity services.  Something akin to RyanAir or EasyJet in the Aviation industry.  

Why are PlusNet stopping their business Broadband? 

Well the answer to that is somewhat unclear.  According to their website https://www.plus.net/business/ they are stopping the service due to wanting to Simplify their service offerings.  However, here at Digital Exchange, we think it’s more likely, given the messages that we’ve seen some of our customers receive from PlusNet, that they are trying to shift their business broadband income over to BT Business.  In fact, the website itself refers to “BT for Business deals” and we have seen evidence from customers that PlusNet have said that they can transition over to BT for FREE, before the end of their PlusNet contract or that there “may be charges” to switch to a different provider.  You should make up your own mind as to what that means and as to whether the “simplification” is the truth or deception. 

When are PlusNet stopping their business Broadband? 

Again, the answer to this question is somewhat unclear.  We have seen evidence from at least SOME customers, they have set a deadline of 31st December 2023 for some to switch their services, meaning there are around 6 weeks to get something different in place to replace their existing circuits.  We suspect that customers have had several notifications either via email or post if that is the case, but there is no outward communication that we can find on their website that gives an exact date. 


It’s not very often that such a big connectivity provider announces a change to their offering of this magnitude.  However, if the simplification line of messaging is actually the truth, it may result in PlusNet becoming more dominant in the residential world – possibly even becoming the face of the BT Group when it comes to home / residential broadband and connectivity providers.   

How can Digital Exchange help? 

If you are currently using PlusNet in your business and you are concerned about how you should move forwards, do not hesitate to give us a call on 01142203000 or drop us a line via our contact page at https://thedigitalgroup.co.uk/contact/.  We’d be happy to provide some advice and guidance and we are able to offer a range of connectivity options across the Whole of the Market, meaning we can find the best deal that’s appropriate to your individual business’ circumstances and budget.  There is still time to put something in place before PlusNet pull the plug, but don’t hesitate as that time is running out fast!