What is a “Number Port”?

A “Number Port” is the process of moving your number from one provider to another – generally you will only need to do this when you are having a new phone system installed. As there are many different “types” of numbers / phone lines, it’s not as simple as it is to move your mobile number, but it does allow you to maintain the number you are recognised for when you have a new system instead of starting again with a new number.  Have a look at our video.

How do you do a Number Port?

To do a number port, we need to identify the following things:

  • What numbers do you have? Do you have any DDI Ranges?
  • What address are these numbers registered to?
  • What type of lines are these numbers associated to? Single Line? Multi-Line?
  • What provider currently has control over the numbers?

We can normally identify the answers to most of these questions by taking a look at your existing providers bill, however some questions require more digging which can delay the process!

Once we believe we have the correct information, we can submit the port with your new provider. On average, it takes around 48 hours to know whether a port has been approved or rejected. If a port has been rejected, unfortunately we often get very little information on why this is the case, and we have to do more investigating to find out the correct information. Sometimes, number ports can be submitted several times before we finally get to an approval.

Number Port

Once a port has been accepted, it’s as simple as having to wait the minimum 14-day lead time for the numbers to be transferred over. It is still possible for issues to occur after a port has been accepted, such as the losing provider cancelling the order due to not being informed the numbers were moving away, or if there are any issues on the day with BT, but these are unlikely.

What other things should I consider?

  • For a single line, there is a 14-day lead time for a number port from submitting to the number porting.
  • For a multi-line, there is a 21-day lead time for a number port from submitting to the number porting.
  • Once a port has been accepted, we need at MINIMUM a weeks’ notice to amend the port date to a date in the future.
  • We are unable to port a number that has any form of “security” line attached to it, such as Redcare. This needs to be removed before the port.
  • While waiting for a number to port, it is possible to ask your current provider to divert the numbers to a new phone line so you can begin to use your new phone system, but this does incur some additional call fees for a short period of time.


If you would like more information on number porting or are thinking of switching provider but are worried about the process then reach out to us at Digital Exchange and book a 30 minute chat with one of our friendly team to let us help and put your mind at ease.  For more information have a look at https://www.ofcom.org.uk/