What We Do

Digital Exchange provides IT Hardware such as servers and also, PC’s, laptops and other consumables on your IT estate. We can provide a full IT upgrade for your entire company to future proof your business and provide functionality.

We also offer Hosted VOIP solutions to help your business provide a better and more reliable service to your clients. With this system, you can work anywhere and what’s even better, you can also save money as well.


We provide full support for your hardware, software and networking including Cabling across the business. This includes Hotels, Schools and industrial buildings and we can review any new installation and plan it from paper to production so your tenants can run a fully managed building.

Last year was extremely successful for us. We continued to gain new customers and on another positive note, we had 3 ex clients return to us due to our outstanding service. 2018 has also kicked off to a strong start and we continue to grow and thrive because of our reliability and servic