Solarwinds Network Monitoring

Solarwinds is a network monitoring tool which monitors Hardware and Performance, Patch Management, Application Monitoring and Network Services. It also monitors for Viruses and Ransomware and other services including Cloud Backup are available.

This software which is initially installed on your server will then push out clients to each PC on your network estate. You can then be reassured that each device you use is protected and any outside threat or internal failure is prevented. As a leading brand and recognised product, it offers a complete peace of mind solution to make sure your business keeps running smoothly and to it’s full capacity. Please get in touch so we can discuss this service or any products with you in detail and we can even demo the software so you can see how good the product is first hand. At Digital Exchange, we are constantly looking for the best products on the market so that we can proactively deliver an outstanding service to your company. We make sure we’re ahead of the game so we can always guide you with the best advice and possibilities in the digital market.

We think this video is a perfect example as to why we recommend this product, please watch below: