Skills for Justice

Jane Kirk, Quality/Facilities Manager at Skills for Justice, kindly wrote the following in connection with the office relocation Digital worked on to help successfully complete…

“We have worked with Digital Exchange since 2005 and they have seen us through various changes, restructures and office moves, the latest of which, a company relocation, has just been concluded. Particularly important to us during the relocation was the management of the relocation of the IT infrastructure to relieve the pressure on our own in-house IT manager and communication in non-technical language to the facilities manager responsible for the overall management of the relocation. The Digital team was successful on both counts. Digital engineers worked closely with us on the relocation plan prior to the move. The move went extremely well with only five hours down time whilst the servers were relocated, which is commendable. The Digital team were good natured, cooperative and effective. Staff were able to commence work immediately on the first day in our new location with Digital engineers on site to ensure any issues were resolved. We could not have expected any more from the Digital team.”

Jane Kirk
Skills For Justice