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New Support Information

Support Information Changes

Following on from communications recently sent out around Solarwinds, we are making further changes to your support service. The changes won’t incur costs for your company but will improve the way you’re supported. also, to put your mind at rest, the terms of your support contract will not change either.  The changes will become standard for new customers who join us as a partnership and we will also discuss any changes with existing customer’s as part of the renewal offering. There are some enhanced optional chargeable services that we will also make you aware of but again, these will improve the services we provide.

Why Make Changes?

To enhance our support offering and improve our support and customers experience, we’re firstly making changes to our ticketing system. This gives users the ability to raise tickets through emails directly if necessary. It will give the user acknowledgement and updates during the course of time that the ticket is being worked on so they’re aware of how it’s being handled. A future release of this enhancement will also be available through a web-portal which again allows for live updates to be viewed as they happen. This feature, when added to the asset tracking that the Solarwinds portal provides, further illustrates how Digital Exchange are attempting to be more proactive and dedicated to achieving swifter resolution of issues. These tools, also allows us to recognise trends in issues, and ultimately increase our intelligence when supporting your critical IT infrastructure.

Lower-level details on these changes will be released in a series of emails like this over the coming weeks. If you have any questions around any of the content, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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