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Digital Exchange provides IT Hardware such as servers and also, PC’s, laptops and other consumables on your IT estate. We can provide a full IT upgrade for your entire company to future proof your business and provide functionality.

We also offer Hosted VOIP solutions to help your business provide a better and more reliable service to your clients. With this system, you can work anywhere and what’s even better, you can also save money as well.

We provide full support for your hardware, software and networking including Cabling across the business. This includes Hotels, Schools and industrial buildings and we can review any new installation and plan it from paper to production so your tenants can run a fully managed building.

Last year was extremely successful for us. We continued to gain new customers and on another positive note, we had 3 ex clients return to us due to our outstanding service. 2018 has also kicked off to a strong start and we continue to grow and thrive because of our reliability and servic

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General Data Protection Regulation – A Useful Guide

There’s recently been some hot topics emerging on the digital agenda this year to help keep you safe and secure both on and off line. At Digital Exchange, WE KNOW It’s always good to be in the KNOW and so here are a few notes in order of priority to help get things started and make you aware of changes that will be introduced soon.

Please read the three step guide noted below :

One – Required General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Two – Advisory Cookie Policy

 Three –  Recommended Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (SSL)


One – Required – ​General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Everyone will be affected by the GDPR in different ways and this is dependent on your business and how it operates. It is your responsibility to ensure you and your business are prepared and ready for when General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May the 25th 2018.

This is a new law which has been approved by the European Commission that will attempt to strengthen, harmonise and modernise EU data protection law and enhance individual rights. This law effects how data is collected, managed and stored in its entirety.

Fundamentally GDPR is about ensuring the privacy of data that can be used to identify an individual, and the transparency that the user is able to view and have the information held about them edited and/or removed.

Disclaimer: This advice is for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice. We encourage you to work with legal and other professional counsel to determine precisely how the GDPR might apply to your organisation.

Further reading is available here

Data to consider is…

  • Website credentials
  • Client contact details
  • Related third party credentials such as Mailing List credentials


Two – Advisory – ​Cookie Policy. You may have noticed on some websites a notification to accept a Cookie Policy while visiting that website. You can see an example of this by clicking this link

It’s advised that you introduce a Cookie Policy notice to comply with various laws particularly for an international audience.

Cookies are a ‘kind of’ short term memory for the web. They are stored in your browser and enable a site to ‘remember’ little bits of information between pages or visits.

The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It was designed to protect online privacy, by making consumers aware of how information about them is collected and used online.

One main example of the use of Cookies is for Google Analytics. Cookies allow Google Analytics to track a users behaviour as they visit your website and also track information about their device type etc.


Three – Recommended – ​Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (SSL). It’s recommend that you upgrade the security and performance of your website by purchasing an SSL certificate. You can identify a website with an SSL certificate as it will have https:// at the start of it’s URL in the Address Bar, along with a padlock icon. This is used by secure companies such as banks and credit card companies to protect you when you log into your account to check or make changes to your fincances.

SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a website server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and the browser remains private and integral.

What does this really mean? It means that an SSL certificate gives the end user peace of mind that the information displayed on the website is true and viewed as you would intend.

Adding an SSL Certificate starts from around £150 + VAT per annum.

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Power Outage

Major service outage in Harbour Exchange Square in London causing Data and DSL line issues
Latest information in regards to the power outage:
Power to the Data Centre has been confirmed as restored, Engineers are now working on restoring the power in Daisy Services expected to be restored soon A further Major Service Outage management call has been scheduled.
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New Support Information

Support Information Changes

Following on from communications recently sent out around Solarwinds, we are making further changes to your support service. The changes won’t incur costs for your company but will improve the way you’re supported. also, to put your mind at rest, the terms of your support contract will not change either.  The changes will become standard for new customers who join us as a partnership and we will also discuss any changes with existing customer’s as part of the renewal offering. There are some enhanced optional chargeable services that we will also make you aware of but again, these will improve the services we provide.

Why Make Changes?

To enhance our support offering and improve our support and customers experience, we’re firstly making changes to our ticketing system. This gives users the ability to raise tickets through emails directly if necessary. It will give the user acknowledgement and updates during the course of time that the ticket is being worked on so they’re aware of how it’s being handled. A future release of this enhancement will also be available through a web-portal which again allows for live updates to be viewed as they happen. This feature, when added to the asset tracking that the Solarwinds portal provides, further illustrates how Digital Exchange are attempting to be more proactive and dedicated to achieving swifter resolution of issues. These tools, also allows us to recognise trends in issues, and ultimately increase our intelligence when supporting your critical IT infrastructure.

Lower-level details on these changes will be released in a series of emails like this over the coming weeks. If you have any questions around any of the content, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Summary of Change

The changes detailed on subsequent communications can be summarised as follows:

  1. Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring for hardware and software for better interaction with our support desk ticketing software
  2. In Conjunction with the Asset Tracking tool, a support tool that will be available on the user’s computer/device.
  3. Updates to our Shadow Protect Back-up Monitoring software giving us greater visibility of back-up successes and failures. This ensures protection versus and disaster, big or small.


Any Initial Questions?
0114 2212000


Digital Exchange Support Tool

As part of the new asset tracking and monitoring rollout, we will be instigating a Digital Exchange Support Tool that sits in the system tray and can be identified as a orange and white ring (a bit like a life saver ring). When you hover over it, it will show as Digital Exchange Support Tool as per the image below.


When the icon is chosen, it will open up a menu as per the below image. Each item and its function is listed below.

The greyed-out listing is for information. Here you can find the support number and contact details.

The black listings can be clicked and perform actions as listed below.

Digital Exchange Home Page:

This will open your default web browser on Digital Exchanges home page

 Email for Information:

This will open your default email client with the Info email address already inserted. This can be used for enquiries on new and existing products, or any other information request.

New Support Request with Screenshot:

This will open your default email client with the helpdesk email address already inserted. It will allow the user to send a support request directly into the helpdesk ticketing system. It will also attach a screenshot of your desktop at that moment. This helps in showing any errors that appear on the screen. This is especially useful for intermittent faults.

New Support Request without Screenshot:

This will open your default email client with the helpdesk email address already inserted. It will allow the user to send a support request directly into the helpdesk ticketing system. It will not attach a screen shot.

Email Support with Screen Shot:

This will open your default email client with the support email address already inserted. It will allow the user to send an email directly into the support team. It will also attach a screen shot of your desktop at that moment. This helps in showing additional information that may be required or requested. This is especially useful for intermittent faults.

Email Support without Screenshot:

This will open your default email client with the support email address already inserted. It will allow the user to send an email directly into the support team where additional information is required. No screen shot will be attached. It is especially useful for intermittent faults.

The request support and email support options will also have additional information in the email body, an example is below. Please do not delete this information.

Client Name: Digital Exchange
Site Name: President Way
Username of logged on user: LCook
Device Name: DP-DIGITAL

Team Viewer Remote Support Application

This will take you to the web page for our remote support tool.

Show IP Address Info

This will open a command line window and will display the computers IP address information. This is helpful when diagnosing issues relating to network faults.

Take and Save Screen Shot

This will allow you to take a screenshot and save for later.

Launch Control Panel

Sometimes an application is required that is in Control Panel. This will launch the control panel application so the end user doesn’t need to hunt for it.

Launch Sophos Application

If you have Sophos (digitals default anti-virus software), this will launch the Sophos application to help both the support team and end users in diagnosing threat notifications.

Launch Sophos Self Help

If you have Sophos (digitals default anti-virus software), this will launch the Sophos application to help both the support team and end users in diagnosing threat notifications.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring Changes

See what Digital Exchange sees with joint access to our best-of-breed asset tracking

And  monitoring tools 


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Next Generation Fibre

Product Update: ‘Next Generation’ Fibre Broadband

The Future is Now!

Up to 330Mb Download Speed with up to 50Mb Upload Speed!!!

From February 2018, digital will be able to offer Fibre to the Premises Broadband that rivals Virgin Cable speeds. This is for a fraction of the price for a dedicated leased line. You can now have revolutionary speeds!

Is this service available in my area?

Please contact us at: or give us a call on: 0114 2212000

Choose option 3 with your postcode and we will able to check for you.

Commercial Packages

Upgrade from Existing Connection: £99.00* One-time Cost

New Installation: £99.00* One-time Cost

New router may be required– we will inform you if this is the case and any costs pre-sale.

*Subject to Pre-site Survey

Monthly Tariff

Package Price per month
160Mb/30Mb Next Generation Broadband £79.95*
330Mb/50Mb Next Generation Broadband £89.95*
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Free IT Health Check

As it’s the  New Year, why not start afresh and contact us in regards to your current IT hardware and software.

At Digital Exchange we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding IT support & solutions as an extension of your organisation.

We can support your existing IT infrastructure, consult on current & emerging technologies and deploy solutions with minimal downtime.

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Sophos Security Update

Security Security Update for All Sophos Customers
Sophos Security

Sophos wants to make you aware of the memory isolation issues affecting Intel, AMD, and ARM processors and what actions you can take now. The flaw enables attack code to read anything in memory, which could lead to data or credential theft. The vulnerability is known by names such as Meltdown, Spectre, KPTI, KAISER and F**CKWIT. Patches were released by Microsoft, Linux, and other platforms on Jan 3, 2018. Because exploitation requires the execution of some form of attack code, Sophos products, which do not allow for any form of unauthorized code execution, are not at a high risk of attack.


Sophos Endpoint Security Products
Given that OS mitigations of the hardware vulnerability potentially impacts system stability and performance, Microsoft is advising customers to contact your security vendor before applying the patch. The security vendor will:
1. Confirm if their security software is compatible with the Windows update, and if so
2. Distribute an updated version of the security vendor’s software that sets a specific registry key which enables the Windows update
Sophos has completed testing of Windows update and can confirm compatibility. We will begin to automaticalladd the registry key setting to the following Sophos products starting Jan 5, 2018:


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Solarwinds Remote Monitoring Management

Solarwinds Remote Monitoring Management agent is a powerful tool designed to monitor and maintain your network and IT Estate. The software allows us to view your infrastructure at all times to make sure each piece of hardware on site is running correctly. Please click on the following link to see the benefits of this software and contact us for more information.


   Solarwinds edited PDF

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Ransomware Outbreak
Contact us for more information:  Our Contact Details
Organizations in Russia and Ukraine were under siege on Tuesday 24 October 2017 from Bad Rabbit, a strain of ransomware with similarities to NotPetya.

By evening, the outbreak was reportedly spreading into Europe, including Turkey and Germany. Victims reported so far include airports, train stations and news agencies.

Russia’s Interfax news agency reported on Twitter that the outbreak had felled some of its servers, forcing Interfax to rely on its Facebook account to deliver news.

Starts with social engineering

The Bad Rabbit outbreak appears to have got its start via files on hacked Russian media websites, using the popular guise of pretending to be an Adobe Flash installer.

If Bad Rabbit infects your computer, it attempts to spread across the network using a list of usernames and passwords buried inside the malware. These credentials include passwords straight out of a worst passwords list. Another reminder, if one were needed, that all your passwords need to be strong, even the ones you use behind the safety of a corporate firewall.

From there, it encrypts not only your files, adding encrypted at the end of each filename, but also your computer’s MBR (Master Boot Record). You are then greeted with the following message and asked to submit payment via a Tor hidden service (an anonymous Dark Web website):

Oops! Your files have been encrypted.

If you see this text, your files are no longer accessible. 
You Might have been looking for a way to recover your files. 
Don't waste your time. No one will be able to recover them 
without our decryption service.

We guarantee that you can recover all your files safely. 
All you need to do is submit the payment and get the 
decryption password.

Visit our web service at [redacted]

If you visit the Bad Rabbit website using the Tor Browser, you will be “invited” to pay a fee for the decryption key; at the time of writing [2017-10-25T16:45Z], the crooks were demanding XBT 0.05 (1/20th of a Bitcoin), currently about $280:

Defensive measures

Contact us for information on prevention against Ransomware and other cyber attacks: Our Contact Details

Sophos currently blocks the Bad Rabbit malware as Troj/Ransom-ERK.

Additionally, Sophos Intercept X proactively prevents the malware from attacking your data: the CryptoGuard component stops the ransomware from scrambling your files, and WipeGuard prevents the low-level disk writes that modify the boot sector.

(For further information about Sophos protection, please see our Support Knowledge Base article entitled Bad Rabbit ransomware: What to do.)

Here are some general tips to raise your defenses againt this sort of outbreak:

  • Ditch Flash altogether. Fake flash installers and updates only work as a social engineering tactic if you use or want Flash. By removing Flash entirely you not only protect yourself from Flash zero-day holes , but also eliminate the temptation to download fake updates.
  • Patch promptly. Outbreaks such as NotPetya and WannaCry exploited a vulnerability for which patches were already available. Don’t lag behind once patches are available for known security holes – the crooks will be only too happy to take advantage.
  • Remember your backups. Make them regularly, and keep a recent backup both offline and offsite, so you can access it even if your workplace ends up off limits due to fire, flood or some other cause not related to malware.
  • Don’t make users into administrators. When you want to perform administrative tasks, promote yourself to an administrator account, and relinquish those privileges as soon as you can. Network-aware malware like Bad Rabbit can spread without even needing to guess passwords if you already have administrator-level access to other computers on the network.

For more information about ransomware read How to stay protected against ransomware, or listen to our Techknow podcast:


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